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The Sign of Fun

A community for anything related to "Sherlock" (BBC)

A community for fans of the BBC series "Sherlock"
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This community is a place for fellow "Sherlock" fans to hang out and chat.
This community is a place for fans of the amazing BBC series "Sherlock".


It's not restricted to the series itself*, but also a place to share artwork and fanwork, chat about the actors and everyone involved in the series and their past and future projects, about Arthur Conan Doyle and the Sherlock Holmes stories as well as other adaptations of SH.

* Yes, this means you can post stuff related to the series itself, but also about cast and crew and their individual projects which are not related to Sherlock the series.



This community has moderated membership, but the content is largely unmoderated.

A few rules and guidelines:

- Concerning season 2:

- please post anything which you would consider to be a spoiler under a cut with a warning.

- Do not post pictures which were taken by fans during filming. It's disrespectful and they are not authorized pictures; so please post only pictures and info which was authorized by the people who make the show.

- Feel free to post anything concerning or related to Sherlock, but please do not forget to credit artwork etc and link to the picture/video source.

- Use lj cuts for anything that is longer than 200 words.

- Pictures outside of cuts should be thumbnails or kept reasonably small, larger pictures should be posted behind a cut.

- If you plan on posting artwork or fanfic that is rated other than PG, they must go behind a cut and please say so in a warning or in the cut.

- This is not a fanfic community, as there are plenty of brilliant ones out there. This said, fanfic is allowed, but should not make up the larger part of the content on here.

Any suggestions concerning the comm, any help with the layout etc are more than welcome.

Trolling and lack of respect for fellow members will be met with a warning and, if necessary, a ban. I sincerely hope that this will not be necessary, but experience has shown that sometimes it is necessary.

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